Wayne Janus - Biography


Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter Wayne Janus became internationally recognized in the mid 90's as the "touring", Lead Guitarist for "Blues Legend" George "Wild Child" Butler. Janus landed this role through Live Earth Management because his reputation as an entertaining "Blues Guitarist" that was gaining popularity through out Southern Ontario, Canada. Butler often stated that Janus was one "Mean Blues Guitarist"! When Janus wasn't on tour with Butler, he would be performing at festivals and various music venues. As the late 90's approached, he became involved with a recording studio run by producer Dan Jefferies. A lot of valuable experience came from the sessions at Jefferies studio which greatly influence Wayne as a songwriter.




The Blues is where Wayne learned how to play guitar and sing. Wayne's experience as a Blues Musician has given him a solid foundation to perform other genres of music. Wayne has made many recordings of Blues/Rock, Jazz and Pop. In 2003, a Rock Blues CD entitled OMP was released. Although many original singles where released prior to this project; this was the first all original album of songs that Janus wrote.




In 2007, Wayne released a traditional Blues album entitled, "All Access Blues". Roots Time Magazine in Belgium listed the CD as a top three pick! They also referred to Janus as being the "Trump Card" of the Canadian Blues Scene. "All Access Blues" is dedicated to the memory and sudden passing of George "Wild Child" Butler (early 2005). The track entitled "Moving On" features Wayne playing some "Swamp Blues" Harmonica and the lyric content is about his travels from Hamilton Ontario to Windsor Ontario for rehearsal sessions with "Wild Child".




In 2009, Janus relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia and released a Pop-Folk/Rock album entitled "September Moon". While in Vancouver, Janus freelanced with various musicians and toured in the United States of America. During this time, Wayne performed solo or with local musicians in the cities he'd book shows in.




After three years of travel, Janus was back in Southern Ontario and working with Producer Christopher T. Wilson of MC Audio. In summer of 2012, a Rock band named "Hell County" was formed by Wayne Janus. The band began recording immediately and performed at venues known for live music such as the Hard Rock Cafe. The album entitled "Hell County", was released in February of 2013. This independent album features nine gritty "Rock" songs that have a strong "Texas Rock" influence. Hell County was very well received but short lived due to management issues.




In spring of 2013, Wayne Janus formed a group called Kaizen. By mid summer the group recorded their debut album entitled "First Impressions". "First Impressions" was recorded live at MC Audio and is available for digital downloading only. Kaizen is a three piece band consisting of Drums, Bass and Guitar. They are an instrumental act with a strong influence of Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Fusion, Blues, Rock and Latin. On certain occasions Janus will feature a vocalist to showcase his or her talents. In summer of 2014, their second album entitled "Closer to Earth" was released. This album of songs reinforced their musicianship, versatility, creativity and added more momentum to their live performances.




By spring of 2015 Kaizen was working on their third album of songs, performing at ticketed venues, festivals, making T.V. Appearances and receiving AirPlay on local radio and Internet. As Kaizen was gathering momentum, Janus was asked to join a local Blues Band that was founded by Hell County Bassist Toni Rush. Wayne accepted the offer and many rumours began to circulate about the possibility that Hell County may be revived. Those rumours became factual. Hell County began booking time at a Hamilton rehearsal studio called Sound Check and announced that they would be recording another album in Fall of 2015.




2015 was a very promising and busy year for Wayne Janus. He was performing live with two bands and rehearsing two bands for a Fall release of two albums. However, the pendulum began to swing in a not so promising direction. Kaizen performed their last show at the World Music Festival (Gage Park, CA). Bassist Shane Lannigan was unable to continue and left the group during the first week of August due to personal issues. But that pendulum kept it's trajectory. The following week Bassist Toni Rush was struck by a vehicle rendering him in critical condition. Three weeks later, Toni Rush died of his injuries. Family, Friends, Media and Music community were in complete shock and the pendulum appeared more like an axe that was driven forcefully into a log.




Janus continued performing locally to honour the shows that were previously booked by both bands. In order to fore fill his performances, Wayne turned back to the Blues. It made the most sense given that most of his music history had a very strong Blues influence. Wayne's Blues "Musically" survived the events of 2015 that brought about much more than the collapse of two major recording projects. Recently, Wayne stated that he is reviewing the recordings of Kaizen's rehearsal sessions. These sessions date back prior to the release of "First Impressions". Janus feels that their fans may enjoy hearing how Kaizen developed those ideas into two albums. Wayne feels it fitting to release these sessions in place of the third album that was formally being announced prior to the dis-banding of Kaizen.




As Summer of 2016 approaches, Wayne is performing locally and booking time at Sound Check rehearsal studio. Wayne Janus is an inspiring innovative Guitarist, Songwriter and Performer. His performance continues to build admiration among listeners and other musicians as He stands the "tests of times". If you ever have an opportunity to see a live performance of Wayne Janus... Do it! You will not be let down.