Closer to Earth


Kaizen's second album entitled "Closer To Earth" is an epic modern ground breaking instrumental master piece. This unique album has it all, from New York Funk, Jazz, Rock, Fusion and even features a Sanskrit Chant entitled "Shivaya". A must Have!

Kaizen's second album of songs entitled "Closer to Earth" is a ground breaking master piece of sound. Canadian Guitarist Wayne Janus, Bassist Shane Lannigan and El Salvador Drummer David Carrillo, have complimented their debut album "First Impressions" with this incredible sound-scape entitled "Closer To the Earth".

The track entitled, "Shivaya", brings for a far East influence and features Alex Bovkis's haunting Sanskrit Chanting. The album's producer Christopher T. Wilson makes an appearance by adding a synthesizer track for added ambience and depth.

The track entitled, "Street Pulse" Brings the listener round the globe and lands one's ears right in the heart of big city New York Street Funk. Street Pulse is the funkiest sound-scape of New York go,go, go.

The Track entitled, "Shanti" is a sophisticated, smooth, ambient, yet dynamic instrumental that has a Vancouver high rise, city lights aura about it. Shane Lannigan’s amazing rang of sound effects from his bass really bring forth a unique identity. The track entitled, "Ojo Al Cristo" features David Carrillo's explosive combinations of musical influence. This piece of music has that Los Angeles Rock/Fusion thing going on. The guitar is on fire and the bass registers on the Richter scale.

Kaizen is an amazing band and their sound is so diverse that it could easily act as the sound track to our energies of everyday life. Once you start listening to their music, you will soon realize how much you miss it when it is not playing in your car, on your iPod, office, social events, home entertainment system etc… AND you will definitely want to see Kaizen performing live because their live performance is as amazing and captivating as their recorded performance. Enjoy!

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    Shanti 10:51
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