Hello everyone!

The state of global affairs has implemented some challenges in all of our lives. In March of 2020, we had to put our Sunday Music and Jam Session on pause. We were all guessing that we would have been up and running our Sunday event by the fall of 2020 but such hope did not manifest. Sadly, our event at The Masque is no longer. Government restrictions were only part of the reason behind the close of The Masque. The owner and manager who was keeping the establishment open, retired! However, during said time no one was able to step in to “buy” more time in hopes that the Government restrictions would ease to allow Live Music performances and social gatherings. 


To Everyone who has and will continue to support live Music... Thank You! We will be back performing Live. Whether our current global state of government restrictions are justified or not, please remember that things are constantly changing and that this is NOT the “new normal” as some have said. Being conscious of how “out of balance” Our “world” is right now is alarming and many feel much agitation. Just like many of us did not see such “times” ever coming to fruition, maybe there is something in our future that will allow us to evolve collectively so that a healthy balance of our needs and wants have a positive out come for all. Not just more care for each other but also for the other life (natural world, nature) we share this planet with. 

Peace, Love and Music! 

Wayne Janus

Official Release of a Kaizen Rehearsal Session 

An official release of a rehearsal session by Kaizen has hit the media feeds. Kaizen was an instrumental act that Based much of their writing from improvisation during live performances. The group has not performed since Summer of 2015, yet their fan base still asks if there will be any possibility of re grouping in the future. For now, Wayne Janus has released a rehearsal session recording that was from a single source device. This is a unique and rare recording that gives a listener the chance to…

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Every Sunday Jam Session 

Every Sunday at the Masque in Hamilton Ontario Canada, Wayne Janus hosts a jam session from 5-9 pm. This event features and is supported by some of the areas most brilliant Musicians. This event is well into its fourth year and is still going strong. The Masque is located at 13 Hess St South in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Parking is free on Sundays! Easy to get to! Come out and experience live Music performances from guest Musicians. Beginners or Professional headliners... all welcome and inspiration is the…

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Every Sunday Music Matinee & Jam Session 

Every Sunday Wayne Janus and company host a Music Matinee & Jam Session at the Masque ( 13 Hess St. South -Hamilton- Ontario Canada). The event runs from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm and features some of the areas hottest Musicians collaborating at this intimate venue. Everyone welcome...

Music Matinee & Jam Session 

The Music Matinee & Jam Session every Sunday at The Masque (13 Hess St. S -Hamilton-) is a hot spot for great live Music! Every Sunday from 5pm - 9pm, Wayne Janus hosts this thriving event that is drawing in Musicians and Music Lovers from all over the province. Co-hosts Jason Colevecchia (Bass), Cesar Córdoba (Keys) and T-bor Lucas (Drums). Great Music, Great Vibe and Great Appreciation for Our audience, venue and fellow Musicians! Thank you all so much... 

Sunday Music Matinee and Jam Session 

WOW... The Sunday Music Matinee and Jam Session at The Masque (13 Hess St. S Hamilton ON CA) has been drawing in some amazing talents. Dubbed as Hamilton's Home of the Blues... The Sunday show runs from 4-8pm and features the finest local and out of town Blues Musicians doing their thing and socializing in this intimate setting. A good time to be had by all... Check it out!!!

Wayne Janus recording new Fusion Album 

Guitarist Wayne Janus is collaborating with Drummer Robb Ryan and Bassist Jason Colavecchia. A sound and video sample can be viewed via link... 

Fusion Sessions Begin 

Saturday March 11, 2017... Wayne Janus will begin recording with Drummer Robb Ryan. This recording will feature various musicians TBA... The new Fusion Album came to be via Robb Ryan in order to have music for a back track for a live to air Global drum workshop broadcast. Guest appearances for the filming include the legendary Billy Cobham... Stay tuned for more info... 

More Shows added to Calendar 

Wayne Janus is hosting a Jam Session begining this Sunday Jan. 22... All welcome. Also a show is booked FEB. 3 for Capers Sports Bar 1 Queen St. N in Kitchener ON CA... this will be a Blues/Blues-Rock show. More info. to come Regarding Wayne Janus forming modern Jazz group with Drummer Rob Ryan and Bassist Brandon McPhereson. Not to mention the latest offer to be part of a Blues recording with Hamilton Guitarist/Singer and President of the Hamilton Blues Society:  Big Johnny Blue. Janus has also been…

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Sunday Night Jam 

Every Sunday at the Masque (13 Hess Street South -Hamilton-) We will be hosting a Music & Jam Session from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm... Each week will feature a different back line from the previous week In effort to expand our diversity and to further our accommodations to our guests... Thank you!