First Impressions


This amazing new album of modern instrumental music will be a favorite in your collection. Guitar, Bass and Drums display supreme musicianship in this passionate live studio recording. Highly Recommended for all occasions. Very Cool Sounding!

KAIZEN is an all original three piece instrumental/vocal group comprising of Wayne Janus on Guitar, Shane Lannigan on Bass and David Carrillo on Drums. Their debut' album entitled "First Impressions" is an appealing "mixed genre" production of music that is becoming a new favorite among a diverse listening audience.

The musicianship of KAIZEN is an infinite journey of creative exploration. "First Impressions" is a live studio recording with no over-dubs. The improvisation and flow of music is very natural and appealing to the listener. Many will comment on how Kaizen's innovative performance and energy captivates their audience.

The members of KAIZEN draw their musical influence from other inspirational musicians. This influence is not limited to a specific musical genre, nor is it limited to well known legendary icons. Their display of "openness" and "appreciation" for music bridges many cultural listening "gaps".

The Music of KAIZEN has strong identity and offers a diverse blend of electric sounds ranging from Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Rock, Dance, Rave, Latin, Blues, Euro and much more. Check out KAIZEN "Live in Concert"!

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