Hell County

Hell County

High Energy Angry Biker Rock! Scorching Guitar, Bass and Drums with most unique vocal production ever. Songs about real life and hard living. Vivid story line imagery to relate to that will boost your energy and make you feel like turning it UP LOUD!

HELL COUNTY is an all original Power-Trio Rock Band that evolved from playing Tha' Blues. HELL COUNTY is... Wayne Janus (Guitar and Vocals), Robin Houston (Drums) and Tony Wachnuik (Bass). This is one of the most raw and energetic albums of all time. It was recorded as a "live" studio production to ensure that what you hear on the recording is what you will hear when you see HELL COUNTY Live! This is a "Balls to tha' Walls" recording that has the "TRUE ROCK GRIT" that stands above all industry trends. HELL COUNTY is an inspiring band that appeals to everyone. You don't have to be a "Bad Ass" to listen to their music. You just gotta have the hunger for something new with no B.S. and HELL COUNTY goes above and beyond to deliver to their massive fan base!

The song Go Go Go opens the album as the first track and is a lyrical master piece about real life for the general population who hit the swams of rush hour to make a living. A real wake up and "Spill The Coffee" kinda song. Following Go Go Go is a song entitled Dead Friends. Dead Friends boasts one of the heaviest Rock guitar intros ever. This song like all HELL COUNTY songs has a strong story line with vivid imagery. Track three is Porno Junkie. This number is the Dirtiest Rock Funk Groove backed with "slick" lyrics about the history of porn. Butterfly Tattoo is another full out Rocker! The title gives it away. AND then there is the song Hey There. Hey There is a about a story of self defense and what happend to the last man standing. Next on the HELL COUNTY album is Worse Case Blues! This one is as sharp as the horns on an angry Texas Steer! The content of this one is about party shack where they would make whiskey and party all night with the hottest girls and the hottest bands. This place still exists and HELL COUNTY still keeps the fire burning there! Muddy follows Worse Case Blues and the lyric line in the second verse... ("Muddy Waters Screamin' Guitar") is a show of respect for Blues and Blues History. Like all HELL COUNTY songs, the groove and rawness of the music cuts through and it's infectious! Broken and Bruised is second from last on the play list. Its about an "exotic dancer" and her trials and tribulations. Its an inspirering story about picking yourself up and making the right thing happen. The album closes with the ninth song entitled Hell County!

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    Muddy 4:37