September Moon

Wayne Janus

September Moon is a popular new album with a Folk/Light-Rock/jazz mixture.

Guitarist–Singer-Songwriter Wayne Janus, is a Canadian musician known for his musical diversity and originality. Over the past ten years Wayne has performed at countless venues in Canada, U.S. and Europe. In the genre of Blues his reputation placed him as the lead guitarist for the late Blues Legend, George “Wild Child “Butler. Janus has recorded numerous songs and has three complete original albums of three different genres of music under his own name.

The most recent album entitled September Moon is a testament of Wayne’s ability to break the paradigms that define genre of music with out isolating the music from commercial appeal. This unique album features songs with strong but, “easy to recite” lyricism. The listener is free to interpret and redefine the context of music with their own perception. In other words, someone will hear a “love song” from this album and it may bring to mind a meaning of love for “something they do” rather than “someone they love”. This approach to writing breaks down a lyrical bias that is so easily over looked but prevalent through out music history.

September Moon features a wide range of instrumentation with strong musicianship that is delicately produced. For example: one song will feature a classical symphony undertone with a light folk-rock theme, while another song with vocal and guitar will maintain its presence as part of the album. All songs were initially written using a guitar and vocal melody to establish the basis of a song. From that point of clarity a wide range of counter melodies prevailed.

Wayne Janus is a very inspirational person “in tune” with evolution and change. His love and awareness is not limited to his writing of music; it is in everything he does.

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