All Access Blues

Wayne Janus

Real Southern Blues flavored with solid Chicago overtones.

In the early 90’s, Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter Wayne Janus began as a solo Blues performer in numerous festivals and night clubs throughout Southern Ontario, Canada. By the mid 90’s, Wayne had formed a three-piece Blues band and began recording his renditions of classic Chicago and Delta Blues songs. His drive, dedication and musicianship earned him a job with Live Earth Management as the lead guitarist for Swamp Blues Legend George “Wild Child” Butler. Butler’s impressive biography is also a document of Blues history that clearly states his collaborations with Lightning Hopkins, Roosevelt Sikes, Willie Dixon, Howling Wolf and many other Blues Legends. As “Wild Child’s” lead guitarist Janus performed at festivals and large capacity venues in the U.S., Europe and Canada.

By late 2002, Janus found the time to record an album despite a very busy touring schedule. The album entitled “Muddy,” is an original progressive Blues project. This searing, live studio recording features Wayne’s captivating lyricism and improvisational abilities.

In November of 2003, Janus and his local band where backing up “Wild Child” Butler in Switzerland at the Lucerne Blues Festival. London Blues Magazine published a revue of this major event that featured over 20 headliners and nearly a hundred sidemen. The article included a comment that described Wayne Janus as an inspiring guitarist on his way to the top. Upon returning from Europe, Janus and his band hit the studio and local Blues scene.

Janus was in Salt Lake City during the summer of 2004 backing up “Wild Child” Butler at the Snow Bird Jazz and Blues Festival. The stellar performance was nothing short of legendary. Wayne’s guitar work always complemented “Wild Child’s” vocals and harmonica playing. Numerous standing ovations throughout the show were received from the full capacity venue of approximately 5,000. Upon returning from Utah, Wayne was offered a sponsorship by a popular recording engineer Dan Jefferies. Within weeks of accepting the offer by Jefferies, Bill Costello of Busen Custom Amplifiers presented Wayne with an amplifier endorsement. The sponsorship and endorsement added more fuel to the fire. Janus and his band were burning up the circuit night after night with some of the hottest Blues ever heard north of the U.S. boarder.

March of 2005 brought about a very dark time for all that knew of George “Wild Child” Butler. George passed away while recovering from surgery. Keeping “Wild Child” close at heart, Janus carried on with the grueling tour and studio schedule with no time off.

In early 2006, Janus took a leave of absence from his band in order to complete the Album “All Access Blues”. Wayne explains; “There were over forty songs to edit through. I wanted the songs to flow from one to another like chapters in a book. This recording is a story about my Blues.”

The C.D. “All Access Blues,” was released in January of 2007. Janus hit the circuit with his band as the opening act for the Holmes Brothers and Blues guitar virtuoso Stu Heydon. More 2007 highlights include special guest appearances with established musicians like James Anthony, Bob Stroger, Ross Neilson and Mike “Shrimp Daddy” Reed.

Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter Wayne Janus is an approachable, energetic, creative musician who performs with intense passion and soul. Currently Wayne is working on a mixed genre of original songs and is networking throughout Canada, U.S. and Europe.

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